Karma’s a bitch

I admit it: I’m one of those people who constantly uses travel or restaurant review websites like TripAdvisor or Urbanspoon and never actually posts a review myself. Even with my bad travel karma and Internet etiquette, the travel Gods haven’t smote me with food poisoning or sent me home with a brood of bedbugs  … yet. Consider this blog reparation for three decades of relishing in my own travel discoveries … and then not sharing them with you.

It’s not that I’m hopping in my car or booking a plane every weekend to go to some exotic location (Madrid, St. John) or un-exotic location (my wife probably won’t let me lead her through parts of downtown Cincinnati ever again), but I think I’ve learned enough over the years to know what to do (like how to get from one attraction to the next BEFORE you arrive in your destination city) and not to do (like rent a dirty villa in the Caribbean). Not only can I offer tips on restaurants, hotels and attractions we frequent on vacations, but also reviews of places in our recently adopted home of Indianapolis.

Don’t expect this to be a Frommer’s or Fodor’s guide to the world, rather, a collection of thoughts more focused on North America. While my wife and I like to travel, we haven’t gone across the globe quite yet and we equally enjoy hanging out together at home or in Indy. I tend to always be “on the move” and she likes to stay at home, hence our blog name.

But before we get going, I should probably introduce you to the “Rover and the Recluse” gang:

Caitlyn: This 20-something is sassy, opinionated and knows what she wants. Caitlyn is an artist and historian and likes to visit museums. She’s the street-smart one in this relationship. She also keeps a watch on the bank accounts to make sure her dashing husband (me) doesn’t spend asinine amounts on things like nosebleed seats for a Maple Leafs-Canadiens game in Toronto.

GravatarKristofer (me): Early thirties and a public relations guy by day but, by night, borderline obsessive-compulsive trip planner. Chances are, I’ll be looking at travel ideas even while in the bathroom. TMI? There’s NO REST for the successful traveler … unless a beach is involved, then it is all about rest. Married since September 2012 to Caitlyn, my No. 1 travel buddy.


Jackson: Our little stray that showed up on our porch four days after Caitlyn and I married. Cute kitten must have known true love when he saw it – well played, cat. Any typos you see in blog entries are likely a result of him walking over our laptop keyboard while one of us is writing them.

That’s it for now, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Next post: Hot deals on hotel rooms



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