WEALTHY WEDNESDAY: Airport parking, pet-sitting, transit passes


It’s the incidentals that will break the bank during your trip. You know, the things you never think about? Like the airport parking fees, pet-sitting payments, taxi or metro rides to and fro, and so on. This Wealthy Wednesday hopes to score you a few good deals, depending on where you currently call home.

Airport parking: Caitlyn and I took advantage of a deal like this, where you can score a Groupon for as cheap as $12 that’s good for 3 days of off-site airport parking with free shuttle service to the terminal. The Groupon also offers rates of $18 for 5 days, $29 for 7 days and $75 for 30 days (bravo to you if you can take a 30-day trip!). The full-priced rate for 7 days is $68+ sticker price. If you don’t live in Indy, check your local Groupon, because airport parking services in other towns frequently post similar deals.

Pet-sitting: How much should you pony up to have someone feed and play with your pets while you’re gone? Caitlyn and I have a fairly low-maintenance cat and pay the neighbor $10 a day to come feed it, run around with it and clean out its litter box. A nearby animal clinic does it for $15 a day and Petsmart’s PetsHotel varies in price, depending on how much space you want to give your pet, from $18-$35 a day. Or, if you prefer to take your four-legged friend with you, check out this list of the top pet-friendly cities (which includes Indy!).

Getting around: The Chicago Transit Authority always seems to have a Groupon online. Right now, it’s still running a Groupon from months ago where you can snag a three-day, unlimited-ride CTA pass for just $9 (retail value $20). It’s perfect for that long weekend trip to the Windy City.


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