WEALTHY WEDNESDAY: All-inclusive, baby

WealthyWedsLogoWant to go on vacation but don’t really want to plan it? You could go on a cruise, but, thanks to the Internet, you have several other deals at your disposal. Here are three of the biggest deals out there right now:

10-day tour of Peru: Food, airfare, sightseeing tours, ground transportation and lodging all included for less than $1,700 per person. Visit lost Incan cities, Lake Titicaca (I promised myself I wouldn’t make a joke here) and Lima.

Beaches! Check out this 3-5-day Jamaican vacation: Load up on breakfast, guided tours and relax on the beach with one of several different Jamaican adventures for as little as $249 per person. Price doesn’t include the airfare, but think of all that time you’ll have for R&R on the beach! Or try a Mexican siesta: Expedia is offering dozens of Mexican trips for as little as $586 per person, including this one hotel, which includes airfare, dinner, cocktails by the pool, kayaking and nightly entertainment for as little as $679 per person.

Austrian adventure: Free spa access, minibar, food, personal car and more await those who jump on this SweetJack deal for a trip to the Austrian Alps. Beautiful scenery and fat wallet guaranteed. Airfare isn’t included in the price, but everything else adds up to as little as $469 per person for a three-day, two-night trip.


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