Rover and the Recluse expands team

The newest, yelp-i-ness addition to the blogging team, Bailey.

The newest, yelp-i-est addition to the blogging team, Bailey.

We were getting a lot of flak from all the dogs that read our blog that, well, it’s clearly more pro-cat than pro-dog. That’s why The Rover and the Recluse expanded its coverage team recently to include Bailey, an 8-week-old Beagle puppy that embodies the true spirit of the blog, from exploring the vast beyond (10 feet) between our back door and garage to falling asleep on her mommy during Once Upon a Time.

She doesn’t quite have the whole peeing and pooping outside thing down just yet … or even walking on a leash … but she’s getting there and, when she does, expect some posts from her perspective in the future. Right now she’s preoccupied with sticking things in her mouth, so we’re keeping her away from the Macbook.

All this talk about Bailey got us thinking: Are there some breeds of dog that are better travelers than others? PetCareRX and several other sites seem to have an opinion on the matter. Spoiler alert: Beagles, apparently, are good travel dogs. Once Bailey gets over her fear of people and moving cars, we’re sure that will be the case.


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