WEALTHY WEDNESDAY: “Flash” cruise sales

WealthyWedsLogoMaybe it’s because Caitlyn and I are planning to go on a Mediterranean cruise next year, but I’ve recently found myself immersed in the world of online cruise deals and websites. Consequently, I just stumbled upon something I had never heard of before within the industry, the “flash sale.”

If you’re like me, you’re wondering what the heck this is. In short, it’s when cruise lines offer steep discounts (as much as $299 a ticket for quickly approaching cruises) but — and this a big but (side note: contrary to Sir Mix-A-Lot, I do NOT like big buts in this case) — the sales are targeted only to certain people or regions of the country. So, while I might get a sweet deal living in Hoosier Country, my friends in NYC might be out of luck and neither of us would know we’re paying different rates for the same room unless we were in contact with one another.

Cruise lines don’t advertise these fares widely or even on their websites, partly because it would enrage those who did pay more to secure a room well in advance, so it can be a bit of a hit-and-miss proposition. And not every cruise line participates in flash sales, either.

To find out which ones do, check out this Yahoo! Travel post.


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