Wealthy Wednesday: #Vegas cheap eats

WealthyWedsLogoThe one and only time I went to Vegas, most everything lived up the hype: The gambling, the free-flow of drinks, the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” philosophy. But the one thing that I struggled with was finding cheap eats. I had always been led to believe buffets with prime rib and oysters were dirt cheap, but obviously my information was wrong or I just wasn’t looking in the right places, as most buffets I encountered were $20-$25 or more.

That said, USA Today has a piece out today about three places to get “cheap” ($15 or less) eats in Vegas. If you like Mexican, BBQ or steaks and you plan on visiting Las Vegas soon, it’s worth a look. If you’re vegetarian like me, then you probably won’t glean too much from it. The pitfalls of being veg …


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