WEALTHY WEDNESDAY: 20 travel mistakes that will cost you money

WealthyWedsLogoWe’ve all made travel mistakes: Opting for the luxury rental car when an economy would have sufficed, waiting too late to buy airfare or forgetting to pack the right color pair of shoes and having to buy an “emergency pair” in your destination city.

But CNN has a list of the 20 most common travel mistakes, and while not all of them deal directly with saving you money, most do. Think about it: Overpacking, falling victim for the hotel listing that says “located near ‘city center'” (even though it’s really 10 miles or more away) and so on.

Learn how to avoid these pitfalls: http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/02/travel/20-travel-mistakes/index.html?hpt=tr_c2


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