WEALTHY WEDNESDAY: Is this the greatest cruise site EVER?


Bailey: Saving more money means more bully sticks for me!

I don’t profess to be a cruise expert. Heck, I’ve only ever been on one cruise. But as some of my readers might know, Caitlyn and I are looking at possibly going on a Mediterranean cruise next year. During my research, I stumbled upon a site called Cruise Compete. Perhaps most avid cruisers already know about this site, but I found it interesting. Here’s how it works:

1. Input the dates, cruise line and destination(s) you’re seeking. 

2. Wait for “bids” from travel agencies and choose the best one.

Easy, right? I typed in our cruise info and received seven bids back within 24 hours. They all had the same base price for the cabin, but agencies differed in the “bonuses” they tossed in. For example, on-board credit ran from $100 upwards of $500 (depending on room) and, for the room we wanted, $100-$175, plus, in some cases, coupon books and other goodies. 


Above: A sample of what your quote will look like once it comes back to you.

Most agencies look like they sent out auto responses/quotes, but one agency appeared to take the time to actually read my notes requesting help securing airfare and a couple extra nights in Barcelona. That’s customer service! Anyone have experience using this site?


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