For all the preggo travelers out there …


Photo courtesy of Yahoo!

I’m at the phase in my life where everyone is having babies and everyone is posting their baby and — shudder — ultrasound pics on Facebook, so it’s hard not to think about little bundles of “joy.”

Ergo, I figure it’s my civic duty to share this HuffPo story with all the baby bump ladies out there on seven tips for traveling while pregnant. Some of these tips are no-brainers, some I would question (I’m not convinced the scanner at the airport will give your baby cancer; it emits less radiation than eating a banana) and you might learn one or two new things. 

While we’re at it, one OB/GYN has some additional tips to staying healthy while taking a flight. In short, watch out for ticks and blood clots.

Happy travels to you and your unborn. 


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