Vacationing down the street: Art Squared

This past weekend was the annual Art Squared event in historic Fountain Square, a quirky little neighborhood just southeast of downtown Indianapolis. The all-day party is actually three events wrapped into one: Masterpiece in a Day, where artists have the day to create art on the streets of Fountain Square; an arts and crafts show, which my wife sold jewelry at this year; and a parade that celebrates the odd — burlesque, Gumby and gangsters — but is still a hoot to watch and definitely worth a day trip for central Indiana folks.

Rather than explain Art Squared in words, I’ll let my photos do the talking …


This year, for the first time, the arts and crafts festival took over the streets. Previously, the small show was held in a Family Dollar parking lot.


Yea, it’s weird, but it’s still our art parade. What you don’t see (clearly) or hear are children holding letters that spell “You Are Beautiful,” which is also displayed along the side of a Fountain Square building.


Fountain Square is home to hipsters. Including those who hoola hoop.


Local musicians ran the gambit from cover bands to harp players.


Art Squared is a great chance to see artists at work. Here: An artist painting iconic late-night dive Peppy Grill.


Of course, I have to include my wife, Caitlyn, who sold handmade jewelry at her UpNorth booth.


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