WEALTHY WEDNESDAY: Beware the flash sale

ImageIn a prior post, I raved about the flash cruise sale — a limited-time, deeply discounted deal you can sometimes find from cruise liners. I still stand by some of them, but a story from USA Today/The Detroit Free Press is a great review of all the flash sites out there, like Groupon, LivingSocial and DealChicken. The reviewer looked at deals on each site, and then looked to see if she could get the same hotel/trip/meal, etc. for cheaper elsewhere.

In a nutshell, she found out that about a third of flash sites are a waste of your time and money. I can attest; one Groupon I got for airport parking turned out to be very similar to the regular going rate if you booked online in advance.

The Freep reviewer found some flash sites, in particular, are worse than others. Find out which ones by reading this story.


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