Meet the Parents …


The main mission for the visit. This pinball machine is never moving again.

First off, you can blame our half bath renovation as my reason for forgetting to post “The List” yesterday. Unfortunately, you’re not going to get one this week, but I do have an equally entertaining post for you: My parental units’ first visit to Indy in more than a year.

This past weekend, mom and pop made the 5-hour journey south from Detroit to the Hoosier Heartland to drop off my pinball machine that had been sitting awkwardly in their den for years. I’m happy to say it now sits awkwardly in our living room. Hooray…?

In addition to reassembling the 300-pound monster in my living room, we took in several sights, including:

The Crucible, Indiana Repertory Theatre: Caitlyn and my mom says everyone yelled too much in this version of celebrated playwright Arthur Miller’s masterpiece. Sure, there was a lot of yelling, but you’d probably be yelling too if you were facing death or imprisonment for “witchcraft” (or McCarthyism — pick your poison). TIP: Seats are cheapest ($25) in the last row, which, considering the theatre has 20-25 rows, isn’t that bad. We had the cheap seats and the view was still great.


Ma and pa hang with the rhino at the zoo.

Indianapolis Zoo: My mom really wanted to see the walruses (which we did), but we also got to see Jump!, a canine-fueled stunt and acrobatics show, the dolphin show and a very mouthy baboon who sounded more like he was practicing his ghost call for Zoo Boo later that day. Perfect weather, lots of active animals, small crowds. TIP: Best soft pretzel in Indianapolis is at the main cafe in the middle of the zoo.


My dad takes in the history wall at TCM Haunted House.

The Children’s Museum: The world’s largest children’s museum is also home to the 50th annual TCM Haunted House. We went during “lights-on hours” because we’re scaredy cats, but it was still enjoyable going through the rooms, each of which was decked out to look like a different decade (keeping true to the “Time Warp” and 50th anniversary themes). I enjoyed the 80s room with the arcade games and rod hockey with rats on the rink. The “house” also goes dark in the later afternoon and has an “extreme frightening hours” version late at night. Admission during “lights-on” hours was $6 a head.


At The Children’s Museum: You’d think putting back together a Terra Cotta warrior statue wouldn’t be so tricky …

Dinner at 1913: I’ve been to this place twice now and it saddens me that there’s never anyone else inside it. Located in the Omni Severin, an absolutely gorgeous downtown hotel, 1913 serves meals and dishes that were popular back in the olden days with ingredients sourced form local providers and farms. I got the custard and caramelized onion treat that is the Indiana Onion Pie, while my dad went with a more traditional pork chop and my mom with some chicken. Dishes can be a little pricey, but the service is great and the food is done right.

And, just like that, the trip was over. Parting is such sweet sorrow, but I’m sure we’ll find other fun things to do the next time the ‘rents visit Indy. What do you like to do with your relatives that visit from out of town?


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