WEALTHY WEDNESDAY: 8 tips on tipping


I get tipping anxiety when I travel. I can’t help it. Tipping anxiety is that uneasy, queasy feeling that stirs in the bottom of your stomach as you determine whether the services rendered deserve a tip. You start questioning yourself and wondering if the bellhop, shuttle van driver or whomever will judge and label you as some “typical young cheapskate” and, when you determine you do want to tip, you start fumbling frantically through your jeans or coat pockets looking for any elusive dollar bills that might be tucked between receipts or old Metro passes.

The most recent cases of tipping anxiety came both en route to Orlando and in our hotel in Montreal. For the former, we had a shuttle van take us from an off-site parking lot to the Indianapolis International Airport. Caitlyn and I determined, yes, the driver should get a couple bucks for taking us there and again for taking us back. In Montreal, I gave a “loonie,” or a $1 coin, to the front desk for calling us a cab. Was that necessary? Probably not but, once again, tipping anxiety. 

It’s important to know when to tip because all that tipping can add up real fast, especially on a longer trip. Thankfully, I stumbled upon a handy story on Budget Travel’s website that explains what’s worth tipping while traveling.

Guess I won’t be needing those tipping anxiety meds after all …


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