ImageFor the two of us, a huge part of vacationing is about the food. By no stretch are we “foodies,” but we dig a good all-veg restaurant, especially because Indy doesn’t really have any. We also both have huge sweet tooths, so we’re always on the hunt for something not-so-healthy to wash down that overly healthy dinner.

Sometimes, you have to think creatively when you’re vacationing. You might not want to drop $7 on a coffee and muffin in a big city for breakfast or you might not have convenient access to a grocery store, so we’ll sometimes pack our own breakfast items like cereal, shelf-stable milk, bananas or other treats. Not only does this strategy keep costs down, but it also lets us eat a bit healthier and decreases that gross feeling from eating out for every meal for a week.

And then there are those times when you’re really pinching pennies and you need to find those oft-reviewed “cheap eats” for lunch or dinner. Thankfully, Urbanspoon has a run down of the best cheap eats, as picked by users, for 20 of its top cities, including Austin, Boston, Denver, New Orleans, Indy, NYC, Seattle and more.

Bon appétit!


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