The List: 4 things I never travel without

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We’re mixing things up this edition of “The List” and, rather than focusing on some wacky meta-list of travel-related lists I’ve stumbled upon on the Interwebs, I’m offering up a 100%, Kris original. These are four things you’ll NEVER see me travel without — that is, unless I forget them.

Music branches ($12, Restoration Hardware): We often used to run into the problem while traveling that I’d have a movie on my iPhone that Caitlyn would want to see while I was also watching it, so we’d split the earbuds and we’d each bask in the awesomeness of mono sound while our other open ear took in the chatter, coughing and babies crying nearby on the plane. Never again. These “branches” allow you to attach up to three sets of earphones to one splitter, ensuring all listeners get surround sound.

Silicone earplugs ($4.99, CVS): I‘m a light sleeper, as in a pin could drop down at the end of the street and it’d still wake me up. OK, that might be a bit dramatic, but I do fuss a lot in my sleep. Rather than risk it in a hotel with paper-thin walls, a pair of silicone ear plugs (I find silicone works better for me than other materials), can drown out the neighboring parties, HBO marathons and constantly slamming doors in the adjacent hallway.

My Adidas ($24, several stores): No, I’m not talking about my Run DMC playlist, but my rank, stained and half-eaten (thank you, Bailey) flip flops. I get a little weirded-out about walking barefoot on a carpet in a hotel room and having a pair of flip flops I can easily put on and off makes me much likelier to run to the bathroom than to hold it in another three hours until it’s time to get up. They also work well for a trip down to the pool or a quick errand.

Speck case ($34.95, Speck online): I’ve mentioned this in prior posts, but I love my Speck case. It can hold my phone and money and/or credit cards in the back sleeve. It’s replaced my wallet and makes traveling a breeze. I recommend getting a case with a flexible border rather than a more rigid case, as the latter broke on me near the USB cord port.

It occurs to me that I did not properly start off this post with a pic of my cat, which is required by “The List” law. Hopefully, I can still end my post with a pic and it will be acceptable …

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