The List: 10 best Christmas spots, best/worst airlines for X-mas travel, festive store displays


Photo courtesy of CNN/Spencer County Visitors Bureau.

Ho, ho, ho! It’s almost Christmas, which means there’s no shortage of holiday-related travel material to browse. Start with some of these very merry websites:

Top 10 Places to Spend Christmas: Sure, New York makes the list, but so does a small town in southern Indiana and another in Finland, the latter of which, I’m sure, will have a very White Christmas.

The Best and Worst Airlines for Christmas Travel: The author will even toss in a list for New Year’s travel at no extra charge.


Photo courtesy of Carriage House Designs.

World’s Best Department Store Holiday Window Displays: I’ve always been partial to small-town America’s Carriage House Designs, in Howell, Mich. While nowhere near as big as a Macy’s or Lord & Taylor, this small store still pulls out all the stops and packs a lot of festive spirit into a small space.

3 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Air Travel: The cheapest way? Bike. OK, not everyone can do that. Option No. 2? Get a Prius.


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