Your travel persona


Perhaps I was a little too much “to-the-point” with this Godzilla out west a few years ago. Time to switch preferred drinks…?

Leave it to the Huffington Post to always have some odd travel post. Today, a writer posted a blog on “Where to go based on your favorite alcoholic beverage.” I’m not much of a drinker — and, apparently, the HuffPo deemed it appropriate to start with the booze (leave it to the journalists) — but when I do drink, I go for the vodka bottle. According to the HuffPo, that means I dig urban environments and boutique hotels. The writer also says this means I’m self-aware and to-the-point in my communications. Makes sense, I suppose.

But man can’t travel by drinking preferences alone, right? So I canvassed the HuffPo — home to every “Where to go based on X, Y or Z” list on Earth — to find other similar stories to build a “travel persona” for yours truly. My results:

Where to travel based on your personality type: This was one was tricky, as I felt I fit into several categories, but I ultimately went with “scholarly,” which says I should go somewhere where logic and innovation are appreciated. Suggested destination: Florence, Italy.

Where to travel based on your American Girl doll: I posted a link to this the other day, and I don’t own any dolls (shocking, I know), but, if I were a little girl, I’d probably want Felicity or Samantha. Suggested destinations: Vienna, Austria or Tuscany, Italy.

Where to go based on your favorite alcoholic beverage: As we’ve already mentioned, I need to go somewhere urban. Suggested destination: Madrid, Spain.

Tripzard: This site asks you oodles of questions, from ideal weather, to how concerned are you about crime, and how you like to eat on vacation. Suggested destinations: San Antonio, Hawaii, USVI, Portugal, Greece.

There you have it: I like urban environments, warmish weather and intellectual places, so I should head to Europe. Since I can’t afford Europe, I’ll have to settle for Greek food down the street from my house and then a trip to the art museum. What’s your travel persona?


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