8 Ways to Travel Stress-Free During the Winter


It’s pretty much looked like this outside our house for a month now … except now we have WAY more snow (including two mountains of shoveled snow we’ve named Mt. Bailey and Mt. Jackson, after our dog and cat, respectively).

Chances are if you live anywhere east of the Mississippi, you’ve experienced a brutal winter. We here in Indiana have officially had our snowiest winter in the 140-some-year recorded history of daily forecasts … and more snow and ice is on its way as I write this post (don’t weep for me, I’m already dead).

Growing up in Michigan toughened me for these types of winters, but even I have to say that it sucks to have to travel during these types of conditions. Whether it’s down the street to the grocery store or 1,500 miles away, traveling during the winter can be rough. The folks at Trib Total Media have 8 tips for traveling stress-free during winter.

Some tips are just common sense, but it’s good to receive that type of reinforcement. One thing I would add to this list: If you can, always pad an extra day of PTO onto your vacation in case you get stranded somewhere for the night. That way, you can either decompress with a lazy, catch-up day at home or use it to sleep under your jacket at the airport.


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