Northern Exposure


Our future beach … ?

During a stroll last summer in a quaint northern Michigan town, Caitlyn and I discussed how lovely it would be to have a summer home up there. You know, one of those places where the furniture is wooden and a little dated and there’s no air conditioning because you get that nice Lake Michigan breeze.

It seemed far-fetched at the time. Heck, we were scraping by with Caitlyn having just finished her thesis, so the idea of a summer home seemed years away. Puppy, baby, college savings for baby and then, maybe, summer home.

Then a cute little house in our dream summer town went on the market. It was within our budget, less than a 10-minute walk downtown and 15-minute walk to a public beach on Lake Michigan, and did I mention it was cute? It’s one of those houses that will have to have a silly cottage name like “Lake Breeze” or “Northern Tranquility” (I’m typically not a fan of such silly names, but it seems wise for marketing purposes, especially if we rent it out part of the year). Another perk: It isn’t too far from Caitlyn’s grandparents’ summer home.

We plan on viewing it in person soon – it’s a bit of a trek from Indianapolis – but we’ve already run the numbers and received pre-approval for the home. Of course, the logistics would be tricky, in that we’d need to sort out management of the property for renters and when we’re not there.

We don’t want to get the cart before the horse – we still need to make sure this place is on the up-and-up when we see it in person, but it’s very likely you’ll be reading a lot of blog posts about summertime in Northern Michigan and what fudge flavor we tried that week.

I think I’ll start with my standby fudge flavor, peanut butter.


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