The end of the frequent flyer’s heydey…?


Not really into taking the cliche pic of my wing in flight, so this is what you get — the only airplane pic in my arsenal.

The end is nigh for those who have “made an art” out of racking up frequent flyer miles while paying as little as possible on airfare, according to The Today Show.

Starting in 2015, Delta will become the largest airline to reward frequent flier miles not for actual distance traveled but for how much you spend on tickets. I’ve never traveled enough via the same airline to even earn one free flight — closest I got was to a couple of free magazine subscriptions — but even I know this is bad news for all my fellow travelers, especially Delta devotees.

I’ve never really embraced the concept of frequent flyers. My city is home to a very nice, but small airport, so our options are limited to begin with when finding flights to our destinations. I don’t need to be tied down to one airline because of its frequent fliers program, thereby further restricting my choices.

And I feel I do a good enough job of scoring deals to make up for any additional money I might spend on one airline just to rack up the miles for a free trip down the road. All I care about is that my bag is still free on flights and that I get my little packets of peanuts.


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