Getting fat this Tuesday?


The question’s not what are you going to get, it’s how many scoops?

It’s Fat Tuesday, so, if you’re into Mardi Gras or Catholicism, you’re probably hording and devouring precious Packzi as you read this. I’ve never much enjoyed jelly-filled doughnuts, but, as any loyal reader of this blog has discovered by now, I do have a thing for other bad-for-you foods.

We’ve tried lots of treats during our travels – some at home and some on the road – and here’s what we would eat today if we had our way … and didn’t care about our waistlines.

Austin, Texas: Lawless walrus, Amy’s Ice Creams. Oreos, hot fudge, waffle bits and chocolate ice cream? Yes, please! What any of that has to do with walruses or the law? I don’t know, but I suppose it’s better than chocolate ice cream infused with fish and bullets.

Chicago or Detroit: Carol’s Cookies, Whole Foods Market or Plum Market. Talk about bad for you, these Chicago-based cookies are the size of a cat’s head but they’re oh so delicious. Share one with a friend and reduce your guilt … slightly.

Frankfort, Mich.: Fudge – any flavor, it’s all good – Kilwin’s. Peanut butter, chocolate, turtle – everything is sweet at this confectioner, which also has locations all over the country.

Indianapolis: Log cake roll, Long’s Bakery (Southport). It’s like a mutant Swiss Cake Roll laced with some sort of drug. It’s addictive and God only knows how many calories or grams of sugar. The Southport location has them, but they bake them on Wednesdays (although, some of them have been known to survive until Friday night).

Toronto, Ontario: Veg poutine, Sadie’s Diner. I wasn’t sure how I felt about cheese, fries and vegetarian gravy, but this quintessentially Canadian treat grew on me. Wash it down with some Timbits from one of the ubiquitous Tim Horton’s for good measure. That’s what we call a “Toronto tummyache.”



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