Frankfort: Reconnaissance Mission


Our soon-to-be summer home.

Well, it’s been a wild week, between haggling on a purchase agreement for our new summer home in Frankfort, Mich. and scouring the interwebs for deals on everything from furniture to coffee pots, as we have neither for said summer home.

We knew there would be a huge upfront investment to the house, but even we’re surprised at how quickly things are adding up. One $75 dining table here and a $75 wardrobe there and, before you know it, you’ve hit your budget for furniture. Oops. I suppose if worst comes to worst, any little renters can sleep on a pile of hay inside a pillow case, right?

But let me back up: Caitlyn and I went up to Frankfort on a whirlwind 27-hour trip last Tuesday and Wednesday with the end goal of looking at a summer house that we would also rent part of the year. The 6.5-hour trek each way was a bit rough, but tempered by the possibility of scoring a cute little summer home just blocks from Lake Michigan. We landed in Frankfort at a cozy and affordable inn on Lake Michigan, the Harbor Lights Resort. Apparently, the front desk got tired of waiting for us to arrive so, when we did make it there around 11:15 p.m., our key was placed inside an envelope and taped to the front door of the management office.


Harbor Lights Resort: No frills, but great location on Lake Michigan.

The inn itself was like a more modern and better-kept version of a Red Roof Inn; nothing fancy, but still very clean and comfy. But sleep is for chumps when you’ve got a house to see first thing in the morning. So, we rolled out of bed early the next morning and swung in the Crescent Bakery downtown for some breakfast. This is one of those places like Cheers, where everybody knows your name. One lady came in and the owner said “Linda, the usual latte, right?” “Oh no, Charlie, today I think I’ll have some granola.” That kind of place. Needless to say, we shouldn’t have been surprised when someone blurted out “Who’s the Indiana license plate out front?!?” With the whole cafe looking around, I slowly raised my hand. Turns out the woman behind me is a native Hoosier, so I already made one friend in Frankfort.


“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name … “

It was on to the house for our tour with Burt, our real estate agent (no, there was no Ernie present). After snapping a ton of photos and inspecting everything from basement to attic, we were largely satisfied and headed back to Burt’s office to make an offer. After haggling with the homeowners over the next few days, we had ourselves a purchase agreement. Hopefully, the 8-foot snow banks will have melted by the time we’re next up there!


Our realtor, Burt Williams, seals the deal.

Now came the fun part (at least, for Caitlyn): Decorating the house. Stay tuned for updates on our adventure with a mammoth wardrobe that just wouldn’t quite fit in our rented cargo van and us tempting the fates by meeting in non-public places to grab furniture from Craigslist users.


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