The clever, the paranoid, the bizarre at annual travel goods show


Some of the cool — and weird — toys from this year’s International Travel Goods Show in Arizona.

Each year, the International Travel Goods Show brings out the latest advances in technology for travelers.

Some ideas are clever, like The Scrubba, and its self-proclaimed tagline, “The world’s smallest washing machine.” Others, like the iWallet are for the twitchy traveler; this wallet requires fingerprint ID to gain access to the contents inside. Then there’s just the downright bizarre, like the DoorJammer, which allows you to jam your hotel door so that the cleaning staff can’t get into your room (and here I was thinking that’s what the “Do Not Disturb” sign was for).

USA Today recaps “the clever, the paranoid, the bizarre” at this year’s show. Would you buy any of them?


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