Pizza Party


If there’s one food staple we can always rely on when we visit vegetarian and non-vegetarian-friendly cities, it’s pizza. The combination of sweet or tangy sauce, mixing with artery-clogging melty cheese on a slab of carbs is always a welcome sight at the dinner table.

We’ve eaten a lot of pizza in our travels, and here’s a quick rundown of some of the pizza places we like …

Austin, Texas: Via 313. A nod to Detroit-style pizza, this establishment offers everything from Vernors Ginger Ale, to Faygo and more. A little slice of MoTown in the Texas capital, courtesy of the owner, a former downriver resident. We’re fans of the Herbivore Pizza, which has green peppers, black olives, sweet onions and mushrooms.

Coronado, Calif.: Village Pizzeria. I’m not sure how their pizza stacks up to other pizza in the San Diego area, but the pizza hit the spot during a trip there last year. Make sure to dine al fresco, if you can, and people-watch while you take in that nice ocean breeze.

Chicago: Can you really go wrong in Chicago? Admittedly, it’s been a while since we got pizza in Chicago (because there are so many great veg restaurants!), but Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s will leave you more than satiated. Here’s s Thrillist story with some more picks.

Detroit: Buddy’s. No surprise here – we love the “Detroit-style” deep-dish nature of the Motor City’s homegrown pizzeria. Yeah, it’s probably a boring pick because lots of people have this at or near the top of their list, but it’s for good reason. Back in my meat-eating days, I could also wolf down an entire antipasto salad by myself — the house dressing is fantastic. Make sure to visit one of the carry-out locations, which have breadsticks (called “Buddy Bread”) so addictive you might forget to eat your ‘za.

Indianapolis: We’re bucking the trend on this one and going with a dark horse, Blaze Pizza. OK, let it out now: “But it’s a national chain!” “How could you pick a ‘fast food’ pizza place?” “What about Jockamo’s or Bazbeaux?” “We’re revoking your Hipster Card!” We’re not saying Jockamo’s and Bazbeaux aren’t good, but there’s something refreshing about Blaze. Much like Subway or Chipotle, you can have the crew make your own pizza as you go down the line, or you can pick a specialty pizza (I’d recommend the “Art Lover”). The thin-crust pizza is then tossed into a wood-fired stove for a few minutes and … presto! With toppings like goat cheese, artichokes, fresh basil and more, as well as fair price for an individual pizza, you can’t go wrong. Great, affordable pizza for those on the move and, best of all, the chain is expanding locally as well as into the Detroit area.


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