Closing Time


A tale of two homes: Top-The Frankfort House. Bottom-Home base in Indy.

35 days, 7 hours, and 15 minutes. That’s how long it took to get from walking through the front door of The Frankfort House to closing on the cozy cottage in Northern Michigan.

573 days, 16 hours and 23 minutes. That’s how long it took to get from viewing the first floor plans of our main house in Indy to closing (in fairness, we still moved in after “only” 405 days – we closed the following January). I also celebrated my birthday – twice.

If we knew it was going to be this easy to buy a vacation home, then we would have bought 10 by now.

Admittedly, closing on The Frankfort House was much less exciting than our Indy home. Instead of being surrounded by a bunch of people who wanted our money as we signed our lives away for more than hour, Caitlyn and I booked it to the credit union 15 minutes to closing on a Friday (we really are sorry!) and got a bunch of paperwork notarized before dumping it into an overnight UPS bin around the corner.

Closing was so unceremonious that we even forgot to drink our “bubbly” (Ikea brand Sparkling Pear Juice) until two nights later and neither of us remembered to put some obligatory post on Facebook or Twitter. Oops.

Perhaps it’s the drama that smothered both of us during our first house buying experience that made this one all the more subdued. There were no excited phone calls to family. No sir; just falling asleep 20 minutes into Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone while lying on the pull-out sofa. We’re party animals, I’m telling ya’.


The piles of “stuff” for The Frankfort House are growing … everywhere.

Now comes the fun – and hard – part: Moving in, replacing the flooring and doing a million little things around the house to ready it for the summer rush of potential renters. Our second bedroom upstairs is starting to look like the backroom of a West Elm store and our garage like a Pier 1 Imports.

The good news? The big move is less than two weeks away. Here’s hoping the snow melts by then!


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