Craft Show Season is Nigh

Caitlyn tweaking a piece of jewelry at one of last year's Grove Haus Eclectic Markets.

Caitlyn tweaking a piece of jewelry at one of last year’s Grove Haus Eclectic Markets.

This break in Frankfort prep work brought to you by the onset of craft show season.

With the temperatures holding steady in the 60s and 70s (now only if the sunshine would also hold steady), it’s time to start lugging around the folding tables, slowly disintegrating cardboard boxes full of product and, on occasion, the sometimes uneasy-to-set-up “E-Z Tent.”

Ladies seem to dig the key necklaces. Here I was thinking they were for opening doors ...

Ladies seem to dig the key necklaces. Here I was thinking they were for opening doors …

For at least one day (well, at least eight hours), we can forget about the forthcoming move to our new summer home in Frankfort, Mich. and focus on hawking jewelry like one of the ubiquitous salesmen desperately reaching out to cruisers in St. Thomas. For those who didn’t know, Caitlyn is a pretty darn good jewelry-maker. She certainly has more talent for making things in one of her fingers than I do in my entire body. Sterling silver, antiqued bronze, pretty stones and even customization — she does it all as part of her Up North business, which she formally launched last year We haven’t quite gotten the Etsy store up and running yet, but we’ll get there … some day.

She doe bracelets, too.

She does bracelets, too …

The first show on the craft show circuit is the Grove Haus Eclectic Market, located in our quirky Fountain Square neighborhood, of all places (from downtown, take Virginia Ave southeast and turn left onto Grove). From 10 am to 5 pm Saturday, a dozen or so vendors will assemble, along with a boutique clothing truck, a food truck, live music from members of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, yoga and more. Grove Haus actually holds shows like this every fourth Saturday from late April through the summer; Caitlyn showed at one of the markets last year.

...and earrings.

…and earrings.

Even though it’s happening in the middle of the chaos that is moving to Frankfort, it will still be a nice reprieve to spend a little time together without looking at flooring, lamps or sheets. Then again, who knows? Maybe someone at Grove Haus will be selling some of those things!

See you tomorrow.


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