Memorial Day Weekend Survival Kit


Hit the road this holiday weekend.

AAA predicts more than 36 million Americans will travel 50 or more miles this Memorial Day weekend, the largest number since the recession.

But are you ready? Below are some tips to help you save money – and headaches – this holiday weekend.

Gas prices: Good news! GasBuddy is reporting that gas prices should drop between now and Memorial Day. So, unless you’re a loser who filled up his Prius this past weekend instead of waiting it out (oops), you should fare well this weekend.

Hotel deals: With all this news about 36 million Americans traveling this weekend, maybe you want to be part of the party but don’t know where to go. The Today Show has five last-minute travel ideas, from Chicago to California.

Indy 500 (duh): I’d lose my honorary “Hoosier” status if I didn’t mention the Indy 500. With a parade downtown on Saturday afternoon, and the annual “Snakepit Ball” (for those who want to see and to be seen … and have an extra $275 a ticket to drop), the festivities culminate with the traffic jam that is Race Day on Sunday.

Best weekend trips: Midwest Living offers up a rundown of its “perfect” Midwest weekend getaways. Indy makes the list – woo!

Last-minute holiday airfare deals: And for those that prefer to fly, a list of the last-minute deals this weekend.

Happy traveling!


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