My Hilariously Inappropriate Night

FINALLY. Book of Mormon makes it to Indy.

FINALLY. Book of Mormon makes it to Indy.

Anyone who knows me knows I still hold a grudge with Toronto after the Princess of Wales Theatre refused to sell Book of Mormon tickets to non-Canadians (in honor of the musical’s creators, “Blame Canada!”). We had scheduled our trip partly around this show, only to find out “so, sorry!” Flash forward more than a year later and the critically and audience acclaimed show made its way to Indy.

On a rainy, steamy night, the Mrs. and I made our way to the Murat Theatre to see what all the buzz is about. We can confirm the buzz is more than worth it. As someone who’s been in and seen numerous plays and musicals over the years, I can say this is one of the best musicals of all time. Of course, it helps that I liked South Park when I was younger and that that show’s creators were the brains behind Book of Mormon.

The crowd is getting restless!

The crowd is getting restless!

The plot centers on Elders Cunningham and Price, who are sent on a mission trip by the Church of Latter-Day Saints to Uganda (much to the chagrin of the latter, who would rather have gone to Orlando, which is also the inspiration for a funny song later in the show). Unfortunately, life in Uganda isn’t quite what the elders were hoping for, including having to deal with an apathetic tribal village and aggressive warlord.

So why is this musical so good? It has catchy songs, including the toe-tapping “Turn It Off,” the inappropriate but uplifting “Hasa Diga Eebowai” and the memorable “Two by Two.” It’s hilarious from start to finish, especially the chemistry (or lack thereof at times) between Elders Price and Cunningham, the two male leads. Think of Cunningham has a mix between Jonah Hill and Jack Black, with Price being the more straight-edged, stereotypical Mormon. Cunningham clearly has issues and is adamant about turning Price into his B.F.F.

Caitlyn gives it two thumbs up.

Caitlyn gives it two thumbs up.

If you’re easily offended — especially by those who poke fun of all religions — then don’t go see it. But if you can picture Jesus with aa South Park voice, or you’re a heathen like me, the show will be more than worth the wait. Book of Mormon is in Indy through Sunday.


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