3 of Our travel “duds”

Price produce at the CN Tower's 360 Restaurant. I suppose you're paying for the view ...

Price produce at the CN Tower’s 360 Restaurant. I suppose you’re paying for the view …

Not every trip is a home run. Despite the over-planning, sometimes you just run into duds. Below are three of the “duds” from our past travels.

St. Thomas: Really, the whole island of St. Thomas is a bit of a dud for us. Sure, there’s a gaggle of jewelry stores with clerks in the streets trying to small chat you into their shops (“You’re from Indianapolis? No way, my cousin Louie is from Indianapolis. Go Colts!”), but, beyond that, it’s a tourist trap with nice weather. To add insult to injury, during one of our visits there, Caitlyn and I attempted to see Blackbeard’s Castle, to learn it was only open when two or more cruise ships were in port. Unfortunately for us, it wasn’t cruise season. Fortunately for you, it seems to have set hours now.

Kayaking is one of the few saving graces of St. Thomas ... but it's even better on nearby St. John.

Kayaking is one of the few saving graces of St. Thomas … but it’s even better on nearby St. John.

Chicago Lyric Opera: There was nothing wrong, per se, with the performance, costumes or ambience; I just think we’re not into lyric operas. I was all excited when I saw it was performing a version of the classic Dr. Faustus (your typical “sell-your-soul-to-the-devil-for-success-in-this-world” story), since I had read the Christopher Marlowe play in college. Unfortunately, since they weren’t singing in “American,” you had to look at the subtitles bar, which wasn’t an issue if you didn’t mind not paying attention to what was actually happening on stage. The pace was slow and the show was long. Much, much too long. An honorary winner for Chicago is Billy Goat Tavern, which, while interesting when I visited as a high schooler, lost its charm when I visited as an adult. “Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger…”

CN Tower: We should amend this “dud” to specify the restaurant inside the tower. Both being vegetarians, we each got a plate that basically consisted of nothing but various vegetables. The food was fine, but it was A. a big old plate of veggies, much too big for either of us to finish and B. Still expensive for a big old plate of veggies. We could have made this ourselves at home, guys, so no need to charge us each $65 (in all fairness, that covers a viewing on the observation deck and a prix fixe meal). It was also a cloudy day, which meant limited views in the rotating restaurant. We’re convinced our waiter hated us since we didn’t get any drinks – that’s how we roll – but he was nice to us, nonetheless.


One Comment on “3 of Our travel “duds”

  1. As much fun as it is to read about fabulous vacations, it’s good to hear that other people have “blah” trips too, sometimes. For me, every time I’ve been to LA, it’s always just meh

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