Exiled from Elm Street

It's time for Art Squared in Fountain Square! This year, we brought two furry companions.

It’s time for Art Squared in Fountain Square! This year, we brought two furry companions.

We recently took a bit of a forced vacation when our house was on the American Institute of Architects’ Indy Home Tour. With hundreds of people funneling through our house and on our property for two days, we thought it best to take the dogs with us, hit the road and all enjoy the gorgeous almost-Fall weather in the Circle City.

We didn’t have to go far the first day, when Caitlyn sold her jewelry at Art Squared, an annual event down the street from us that features live music, local artists painting on the spot and vendors lining the main drags of Fountain Square. This was the fourth year for the show and it keeps growing, with a larger vendor base more musicians performing on the street then ever. The “Art Parade” caps off the event each year, where you’re likely to see anything from burlesque dancers to people dressed up as 70s funk musicians. Art Squared typically always happens the third Saturday of September and it’s worth a visit if you can make the time.

The dog days of summer?

The dog days of summer?

Precious and Bailey were cool customers the entire day at Caitlyn’s booth, with the former lounging around and the latter staying at attention the entire day (she likes to think she’s our guard dog … Precious could care less).

Realizing we’d only destroy the nice, clean kitchen by making a meal at home, we capped the day off by eating outside at Bosphorus Istanbul Café, also located on the south side. We recommend the appetizer combo platter, which comes with hummus, stuffed grape leaves, tabouli, babaganush, borek and eggplant salsa. It’s not cheap — about $14-15 — but it’s a ton of food and worth every penny. You’ll be in a Turkish coma for days. I got the vegetarian stuffed eggplant, which was also good, but I didn’t have too much room in my stomach after snitching some of Caitlyn’s appetizer platter and ordering a starter of falafel.

The second day was much cooler and merited a long walk at Garfield Park and its Sunken Gardens. The 136-acre park boasts three acres of European classical formal gardens and fountains, with the rest of the park featuring an extensive network of trails and open spaces. Bailey had ants in her pants (and we had ants on our blanket), so we eventually all packed up and headed off to Mrs. Curl in Greenwood, which is one of Indianapolis Monthly’s Top 12 Hometown Ice Cream Parlors in the state.

Precious chillaxin' at the park.

Precious chillaxin’ at the park.

With cheap prices and generous sizes, it’s not hard to see why south siders dig Mrs. Curl. I’m boring and opted for a “Razzle” (the Mrs. Curl equivalent of a DQ Blizzard), while Caitlyn got a hot fudge milkshake. You read that right. It was like drinking a bottle of chocolate syrup or hot fudge — a small amount goes a long way. Be forewarned: The line was quite long when we got there. No idea if it is always like this, but only one of the two windows was open.

And just like that, our “staycation” on the south side was over and we had access back to her house, much to Precious’, Bailey’s and even Jackson’s (he was left inside the laundry room all day) delight. The best part? Two passed out pooches that will probably take a couple days to recover from all their adventures.

Oh, to be a dog …


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