Going to the Cider Mill … er … “Orchard”

The only pic I got, due to a malfunctioning iPhone and oppressive apple-picking heat.

The only pic I got, due to a malfunctioning iPhone and oppressive apple-picking heat.

One of the best parts of Fall is going to the cider mill.

Growing up in Michigan, we were never at a loss for a good cider mill. Some cider mills had animals like goats with creepy sideways pupils, while other kept it simple and opted for a water wheel or quiet creek.

The one thing that all cider mills had was freshly made, greasy donuts. It’s kind of a rule in Michigan that you get donuts with your cider. If you don’t, people look at you like you belong to Al Qaeda or something.

In Indiana, donuts are not a staple of the cider mill circuit. In fact, most places don’t refer to themselves as “cider mills” down here, rather, they opt for “orchards.” Nothing wrong with that, until I’m offered nothing but elephant ears and deep-fried biscuits.

What is this, the Indiana State Fair Part Two?

Still, Caitlyn and I did our best to help our local “orchard,” heading off to Anderson Orchard in Mooresville for its annual Apple Festival & Craft Fair. We were excited to pick some apples since Bailey has decimated three apple trees we’ve tried planting in our own yard. Unfortunately, summer decided to arrive in Indiana the last weekend of September, blasting us with sunshine and temps in the 80s — NOT ideal for apple picking.

The good news is we did get some cider — it was quite good — and some apples. We even got to look at some goats and Caitlyn inquired about how to get backyard goats for our abode. Between that and her trying to find a pair of overalls lately, I feel like I’m about jump into an episode of Green Acres.

The festival also plays host to a craft fair, but it’s mostly stuff your grandparents would make or like, plus some local confectioners in-training. At least it was under a tent.

I suppose the one silver lining is that we next visit Michigan in November. You can best believe I’ll be making a beeline for the nearest “cider mill.”


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