Dining Review: Mimi Blue Meatballs

After sitting through a surprisingly invigorating class about raising backyard chickens, Caitlyn and I took advantage of the Colts-obsessed town and headed over to the new Mimi Blue Meatballs on Mass Ave.

Sure, the Colts-Patriots playoff game was on the TV in the bar, but there weren’t many people in this upscale meatball restaurant (guessing meatballs and Colts don’t go together quite as well as chicken wings and brats). Feeling under-dressed and like I just came from a class on raising chickens, the two of us sat down in the mostly empty restaurant.

You’re probably asking why two vegetarians went to a restaurant that sells meatballs. Well, they happen to have a veggie meatball and our standby, Yats, was closed across the street. With hunger overwhelming the both of us, Mimi’s it was.

The way it works is you pick a type of meatball (veggie, traditional beef & sausage, turkey, etc.) and then some sauce (marina, garlic cream, spicy cilantro, and so on) and you get a hunk of bread to go with your three balls. For a few extra bucks, you can add a side: Caitlyn opted for the fresh veggies, while I stuck to polenta. You could also order up some mac & queso, mashed potatoes or brussel sprouts (among others).

We were both floored by not only the flavor, but the texture of the veggie meatballs. Crispy on the outside, with the perfect level of moistness on the inside, the three balls—along with the garlic cream—were filling enough. The veggies had a light lemony taste and the polenta was rich and creamy.

Our waitress was nice enough to let us try a side cup of the spicy cilantro, just to see if we could stomach it. We both determined we could stomach it, but not for three veggie meatballs – it’d be a bit much. Then again, I’m also a lightweight when it comes to spicy stuff.

Before you say anything: I know—this is probably the first post on this blog without pictures (especially of a dining review). But understand that it’s because the veggie balls were so good, we didn’t even have time to snap a pic or two!

Who knew “meatballs” could be so classy and tasty?


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