Link Roundup: 12-Hour Travel Show, Happy Trails, Good Websites

Woof. Woof. Find a dogsitter with

Woof. Woof. Find a dogsitter with

We haven’t been traveling much lately: Between paying for a new roof on The Frankfort House, buying a chicken coop and hens (well, the hens are coming next month), and various repairs on the Indy house the past few months, the most traveling we’ve done is to the suburbs and Home Depot isn’t just that exciting an experience to blog about, so you get another link roundup. Hooray!

11 Reasons Why Travel Makes You a Happier Person: Another listicle, courtesy of HuffPo, I would add or stress “trying something new.” Whether it’s food, or an experience, travelling opens your mind.

Travel Channel Unveils 12-Hour Show: 30-minute shows are for chumps, or at least that’s what the Travel Channel thinks. Follow their crew on a live 12-hour road trip and get your Car Bingo ready.

10 Websites Changing the Way We Travel: There’s a list like this every week on the Interwebs, but this one actually has a couple of interesting links, including “DogVacay.”

Marriott Launches New Website to Woo Younger Travelers: Marriott execs liken marketing to millennials as dating. Will they wait three days after the first date before texting?


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