Franklin, Ind. — More than a Salvage Warehouse

Welcome to Franklin, Ind., AKA "Hoosier Howell."

Welcome to Franklin, Ind., AKA “Hoosier Howell.”

We don’t just go to Franklin, Ind. for old sinks and bits of baseboard. The small town of 24,000 is home to more than just a salvage warehouse.

Located in the heart of Johnson County, about a 30-minute drive south of Fountain Square, Franklin reminds me a lot of the place I used to live right after college—Howell, Mich. From the stately courthouse in the downtown, to the mom-and-pop shops and even a cute, old movie theater, the only things missing from making it a Hoosier Howell are hot air balloons and the Melon Festival (although, Franklin does have a strawberry festival). Franklin is also home to Franklin College and the Johnson County Museum of History.

Tasty treats at Hoosier Cupboard.

Tasty treats at Hoosier Cupboard.

It has fashionable boutiques, including Brick Street Boutique; a place to indulge your sweet tooth (always good for us) at Hoosier Cupboard Candy and Snacks; a toy store, Toodleydoo Toys (heck, that’s just fun to say); and a place to fill up on grub, Ann’s.

The latter has been around forever, since 1952, when it was known as “Alta’s Place.” Located at the corner of Jackson and Monroe streets, this breakfast and lunch joint is hoppin’ on the weekends, and it’s not hard to see why: The pancakes are deliciously sweet—Caitlyn said they were more like cakes than pancakes—and the seasoned potatoes have the perfect amount of “kick,” although, they also come with a nice side of grease (so be forewarned).

Pancakes at Ann's = Brunch bliss.

Pancakes at Ann’s = Brunch bliss.

Caitlyn got the veggie omelet, which she, overall, enjoyed but lamented that they appeared to use Kraft-esque American cheese. It makes sense: You wont find any culinary breakthroughs at Ann’s, just old reliable standbys like a grilled cheese sandwich, burgers (sorry, fellow vegetarians, bean or veggie patties are too la-dee-da for Ann’s), fish and chips, and so on.

For dessert, swing by the Hoosier Cupboard, up a street on Jefferson. From truffles, to chocolate-dipped Oreos and even chocolate Cola, this small-town store has a surprisingly large collection of treats.

Caitlyn's omelet and toast.

Caitlyn’s omelet and toast.

In the mood to shop? Scope out Salvage Sisters for some antiques—Caitlyn snagged a teacup plate in her Depression glass pattern for only $3—and Brick Street Boutique for trendy clothes and accessories. We didn’t even get a chance to go into Gray Goat Bicycle Co., which is probably good since we don’t have the money right now for me to blow on tricking out my bike.

Until next time, Franklin …


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