Review: The Cake Bake Shop

Tasty—but expensive—treat from the Cake Bake Shop.

Tasty—but expensive—treat from the Cake Bake Shop.

As I signed the pink receipt, I thought “This slice of triple chocolate cake better make my taste buds sing and dance and render any other cake I’ve ever eaten manure.”

And rightfully so: At $12.50 per slice, The Cake Bake Shop isn’t cheap. The current darling of the Indy baking scene, the Cake Bake Shop is reminiscent of a scene out of Paris, with chandeliers, fine china, marble table and countertops and lots of pink and gold scattered about. Certainly a bit of an odd fit for the Broad Ripple neighborhood, which, to me, is more college town than high-end, but I just went with it.

I got it to go, but clearly your $12.50 a slice charge is more intended for those dining in, with pink receipts, branded plates and even the opportunity to buy what looked like a Tiffany and Co. charm emblazoned with the Cake Bake Shop logo. It’s worth noting the head baker also perfected her craft in Europe, even baking treats for Elton John, before returning stateside to dazzle Hoosiers taste buds. So there’s that.

That $12.50/slice is also paying for some pretty hardcore marketing.

That $12.50/slice is also paying for some pretty hardcore marketing.

But I had a hard time stomaching $12.50 for one slice. We’ve had equally good cake for much less in our travels (Magnolia Bakery in NYC/Chicago, Founding Farmers in D.C., Clara’s in Lansing, Mich., and so on) and would much rather spend four bucks each at The Flying Cupcake nearby.

Don’t get me wrong—the Cake Bake Shop is good. My wife even mentioned how rich the cake was and usually with her, the richer the better. But this is clearly more of a “special occasion” or “I’m flush with cash and I don’t know what to spend it on” establishment than a frequent experience.

The Cake Bake Shop also offers a limited lunch menu and other non-cake treats, as well as some outside seating, which can be pleasant in the spring and fall.

Just make sure to leave enough money in your wallet for that Tiffany and Co. charm.


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